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Anonymous said @ 9:22pm 11/24/13

Great message and blessing

Gethomil said @ 9:23pm 11/24/13

Great message and blessing

Chris Hutchinson said @ 12:07pm 04/09/14

I haven't fully utilized the online sermons yet, but I listened to last Sunday's since I was with Kids Quest, and I have to say I'm really grateful that they're made available for us to listen to later. There are even many I've already heard I've wanted to come back to or share with someone. Thank you.

Andrew said @ 10:37am 01/09/15

Great to see these posted to catch the ones missed.

Blesson said @ 1:47pm 06/26/15

Its so amazing to listen to them again, thank you so much.

Li-Yan said @ 10:39pm 07/10/15

Great sermon. so good to hear it again :) thank you!

Paul Bekkers said @ 5:10pm 11/15/15

Great to be able to listen to messages, when you have missed them or simply to listen once again.,they're loud and clear via de podcast. ( Would be good to have them faster available instead of weeks later)